Appeals Court Rules for Dozier Miller Client

Attorney Adam Hocutt wins another appeal for firm client

The North Carolina Court of Appeals issued an opinion today ruling in favor of a firm client after attorney Adam Hocutt drafted a detailed legal brief to the Court of Appeals, which presented many of the arguments the Court of Appeals ultimately adopted in its ruling.

At issue were mortgage interest payments made after two spouses separated.  Although Dozier Miller’s client made all these payments from his own personal funds, the opposing side argued the judge should divide credit for these payments between the parties.  The trial court ruled in favor of Dozier Miller’s client, but the other side appealed to the Court of Appeals in Raleigh, hoping to get a different result after a second review.

Dozier Miller appellate attorney, Adam Hocutt, prepared a detailed brief to the Court of Appeals that thoroughly analyzed all the legal precedent supporting the trial court’s decision.  Adopting many of the arguments advanced in Mr. Hocutt’s brief, the Court of Appeals issued an opinion affirming the trial court’s prior decision and ruling completely in favor of Dozier Miller’s client.  The Court of Appeals went so far as to describe the other side’s argument as being “without merit.”

As a former law clerk at the North Carolina Supreme Court, attorney Adam Hocutt has extensive first-hand experience with North Carolina appeals and represents clients in a variety of appellate matters.

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