NC Supreme Court rules on parental issues

The North Carolina Supreme Court recently ruled on two unique cases involving the relationship between parents and their adult children.

In one case, a mother and father were sued after their son used a firearm to injure another individual. Although the injured victim brought suit against the mother and father for not securing their firearm, the Court found no legal basis to support the claim for damages. Why, you ask? Because the son was 52-years old. Although North Carolina law requires gun owners to safely secure their firearms from the reach of children, this law only applies to minor children. A 52-year-old man is responsible for his own actions.

In a second case, the Supreme Court upheld a drug possession conviction even though the defendant’s father confessed to the crime. The problem was the father’s timing. It was not until exiting the courthouse (after his son was convicted) that the father admitted the drugs belonged to him. In upholding the conviction, the Supreme Court concluded the father’s statement wasn’t new evidence, but was evidence available at the time of trial. The warning to parents is simple. If you committed the crime, confess before your child gets the time.

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