The path to an easier, cheaper divorce: Collaborative law

Most people see divorce as a struggle, something one must endure to get out of a bad marriage. But for families with children, divorce is never the end. There will be parent-teacher conferences, school plays, graduations, weddings, etc. They will be interacting with each other in some form for the rest of their lives. The way people handle the end of their marriage will affect this relationship for many years to come. Filing lawsuits that rehash all the old hurts and every possible negative attribute of one’s spouse in a public courtroom is obviously a difficult and emotional experience. Added to this is the reality that a stranger in a black robe (who may be completely new to family law) will be making every important decision in the family’s life – monthly finances, custody schedule, and overall property ownership. There is a better way. The solution is Collaborative Law.

Collaborative Law is a method where the parties are assisted by a team of professionals who take a more problem-solving approach to divorce. Custody issues are decided by the parents themselves with the help of a licensed counselor or divorce coach. Financial issues are resolved with the assistance of a financial planner in a way that is both fair and reasonable for both spouses. The attorneys guide the clients and the team through the legal aspects of the process and draft the formal documents to bring closure for the family. Each person has a role that is consistent with their strengths, and the end result is a more amicable divorce for the couple that is much less expensive than the toxic, mud-slinging lawsuit. Yet the ultimate benefit is for the children, who have parents that are able to communicate respectfully and without animosity even long after the divorce is finalized.

If you know someone going through a divorce that may benefit from this process, or you want to learn more about it, you may schedule a consultation with one of our certified Collaborative lawyers. If you are in the Charlotte area, you may also visit the Mecklenburg County Collaborative Group website »

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