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From federal to state, felony- to misdemeanor-level drug crime charges, you can count on our criminal defense attorneys to relentlessly defend your rights.

Conviction in drug crimes cases can have serious and permanent effects on your future, long after you’ve paid the steep fines or served time. If you’ve been arrested on drug possession, trafficking or manufacturing charges, it is critical that you contact an experienced drug crimes defense attorney — like the team at Dozier Miller — to represent you.

In many drug crimes cases that seem cut and dry, especially if you’ve been caught red-handed with controlled dangerous substances (CDSs), it takes a skilled lawyer to craft an effective defense. Knowledge of proper investigation and arrest procedures is crucial to finding holes in the prosecution’s case. Our drugs crimes defense attorneys have several decades of experience defending clients in all classes of drug crime cases.

From federal to state, felony- or misdemeanor-level charges, you can count on our team to relentlessly argue your case and defend your rights. Each case is unique, and we’ll give your case thorough attention to determine the best defense strategy for you, whether that’s negotiation or trial. You can count on your Dozier Miller lawyer to be with you every step after arrest, through the bonding process if necessary, at every meeting with police or federal agents and in court.

If you’ve been arrested on drug crime charges, do not speak to the police until you’ve spoken with one of our drug crimes defense lawyers.


When you’re faced with a traffic violation, pleading guilty and paying the fine may seem like the simplest and fastest path to resolution. It’s important to understand a guilty plea can result in more consequences than a simple fine.


Whether you were stopped on the way home after two drinks at happy hour or were involved in a traffic accident where alcohol was a factor, driving under the influence (DUI) charges are serious matters.


Being put on probation is an alternative to being put in jail — it’s a second chance. However, probation comes with rules and restrictions. If those rules are broken, there’s a risk of having probation revoked and being ordered to jail.


The justice system is relentless in cracking down on violent crimes. No matter where you live, the punishments for violent crime charges are severe, with severe jail time possible. The effect a conviction can have on your life — your career, your family, your independence — is staggering.


White collar crimes are financially motivated and “characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust” — being charged with white collar crime can ruin the reputation and financial stability of an individual or organization. From embezzlement and money laundering to identity theft, fraud and more, these charges and the resulting investigations are serious matters. If you or your business are the target of an investigation, or charged with a white-collar crime, contact our criminal defense attorneys.


Whether you are charged in a drug and money laundering conspiracy, racketeering or other conspiracy, you need an attorney who understands the intricacies of federal conspiracy law.

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