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At Dozier Miller, we have decades of experience defending clients in federal courts, immigration court and their respective appeals courts.

The immigration laws are strict. If at any point an immigration judge determines you’ve broken an immigration law, you’re likely to face deportation. In order to deport someone, the U.S. government must prove that the person is removable through immigration law. It requires an experienced and relentless deportation defense attorney to avoid deportation and find relief from removal.

At Dozier Miller, we have decades of experience defending clients in federal courts, immigration court and their respective appeals courts. We are also comfortable guiding client through hearings with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and Immigration Customs and Enforcement. We understand hearings with these agencies are intimidating and stressful, so we will be by your side for all of them.


When you’re detained and awaiting your appearance in immigration court, you may qualify for bond. Paying your bond not only allows you to be free from detention, but it’s a promise that you’ll attend your scheduled court hearing. The Department of Homeland Security and immigration judges set bond amounts for immigration cases.

At Dozier Miller, we’re experienced in navigating the immigration court bond process. We can argue for a reasonable bond based on your situation and the charges against you.

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If you weren’t born in the U.S. or born abroad to U.S. citizens, you must complete the naturalization process to acquire U.S. citizenship. Our citizenship and naturalization team are experts in helping immigrants navigate the complicated forms and applications involved.


There are many routes to acquiring a green card, from having a relative or U.S. employer petition on your behalf to filing for yourself as a refugee or asylum seeker. At Dozier Miller, we will take the time to learn your unique situation and advise you as to the best course of action for you.


One of the reasons people are turned away at ports of entry is an incorrect or invalid visa. It’s absolutely critical to understand what type of visa you need and to ensure your visa is current. Due to the complexities of applying for a visa, an attorney specializing in visas is essential.


Not matter what field you’re in or how long you plan to stay, all foreign workers must first obtain permission to lawfully work in the U.S. There are several different classes and categories of work permits (or work-related visas), and each class has its own application process and requirements. We’re familiar with them all and can help guide you.

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