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If you’re considering travel to the U.S., Dozier Miller can help you get here in a smooth, stress-free process.

When citizens of foreign countries wish to enter the United States, to either visit or immigrate, obtaining a visa is the first step. Having a visa allows you to travel to a “port of entry”—generally an airport or land border crossing. While having a visa indicates that a U.S. consulate or embassy determined you are eligible to seek admission to the country, a U.S. Department of Homeland Security or Customs and Border Control inspector at the port of entry will ultimately determine whether or not you may enter the U.S.

One of the reasons people are turned away at ports of entry is an incorrect or invalid visa. It’s absolutely critical to understand what type of visa you need and to ensure your visa is current. Due to the complexities of applying for a visa, an attorney specializing in visas is essential.

At Dozier Miller, we’re experienced in the multitude of visa categories and the application processes for each. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your goals for entering the country, and advise you as to the best visa to use for your trip. If you experience any delays or denials along the way, we can also help you keep your application moving forward. We have extensive experience appealing visa denials and filing waivers for the conditions that could make you inadmissible.

If you’re considering travel to the U.S., Dozier Miller can help you get here in a smooth, stress-free process.

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If you weren’t born in the U.S. or born abroad to U.S. citizens, you must complete the naturalization process to acquire U.S. citizenship. Our citizenship and naturalization team are experts in helping immigrants navigate the complicated forms and applications involved.


There are many routes to acquiring a green card, from having a relative or U.S. employer petition on your behalf to filing for yourself as a refugee or asylum seeker. At Dozier Miller, we will take the time to learn your unique situation and advise you as to the best course of action for you.


It requires an experienced and relentless deportation defense attorney to avoid deportation and find relief from removal. At Dozier Miller, we have decades of experience defending and guiding clients. We will be by your side.


Not matter what field you’re in or how long you plan to stay, all foreign workers must first obtain permission to lawfully work in the U.S. There are several different classes and categories of work permits (or work-related visas), and each class has its own application process and requirements. We’re familiar with them all and can help guide you.

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