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Trust your Dozier Miller attorney with every step of the process, and you’ll have a consistent champion throughout your immigration journey.

From artists and researchers to scientists and nurses, agricultural workers and athletes to investors and religious workers, thousands of foreign nationals come to the United States to work every year. Some are here temporarily; some are here to make a new home. No matter what field they’re in or job they do, or how long they plan to stay, all foreign workers must first obtain permission to lawfully work in the U.S.

There are several different classes and categories of work permits (or work-related visas) that cover every industry and situation you can imagine. Each class has its own application process and requirements. Our immigration team is familiar with them all and can advise you on the best fit for your goals. We’ll even guide you through the forms and requirements. We will help you get the application submitted.

The expert work permits attorneys at Dozier Miller can help you with filing any class of work permit, including:

  • Temporary (nonimmigrant) workers
  • Permanent (immigrant) workers
  • Students and exchange visitors
  • Temporary visitors for business purposes
  • Athletes, artists, entertainers

Since a work permit is just one part of a larger immigration journey, trusting your Dozier Miller attorney with every step of the process means you’ll have a consistent champion throughout your immigration journey. We’ll know and understand the ins and outs, ups and downs of your immigration story and will work tirelessly to prevent delays so you can achieve your dream of living and working in the U.S. as soon as possible.

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If you weren’t born in the U.S. or born abroad to U.S. citizens, you must complete the naturalization process to acquire U.S. citizenship. Our citizenship and naturalization team are experts in helping immigrants navigate the complicated forms and applications involved.


There are many routes to acquiring a green card, from having a relative or U.S. employer petition on your behalf to filing for yourself as a refugee or asylum seeker. At Dozier Miller, we will take the time to learn your unique situation and advise you as to the best course of action for you.


One of the reasons people are turned away at ports of entry is an incorrect or invalid visa. It’s absolutely critical to understand what type of visa you need and to ensure your visa is current. Due to the complexities of applying for a visa, an attorney specializing in visas is essential.


It requires an experienced and relentless deportation defense attorney to avoid deportation and find relief from removal. At Dozier Miller, we have decades of experience defending and guiding clients. We will be by your side.

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