Four things Justin Bieber’s attorneys should have told him before his deposition

Last year’s video of Justin Bieber being questioned at a deposition has garnered internet fame. While this video certainly provides some entertainment value, Justin Bieber does not provide a good example of how to handle a deposition. Below are four key rules Justin Bieber’s attorneys should have shared with him before his deposition:

  1. Tell the truth. This is the number one rule for each and every question asked at a deposition. Not only will being dishonest jeopardize your standing in the case, but perjury is a crime! Judges and juries have no sympathy for witnesses caught in a lie. Honesty is always the best policy.
  2. Listen to the question. In everyday conversations, people speak over one another all the time. In a deposition, it is always best to wait for the attorney to finish his or her question before answering. Witnesses who fail to listen to the entire question often provide answers that go well beyond what was asked. You should always listen to the question carefully, then concisely state only what is necessary to truthfully respond.
  3. Ask for clarification. Attorneys ask bad questions all the time. If you are confused about what is being asked, request that the attorney rephrase his or her question. Never assume you know what the attorney is trying to ask. You will never provide a good answer to a bad question.
  4. Don’t become argumentative. No good can come from getting into a dispute with the questioning attorney. It is advisable to always have an attorney represent you at a deposition so you don’t have to defend yourself in the event a disagreement results. Insulting the other attorney or giving sarcastic answers will only make you look bad. If you don’t believe this, watch the video of Justin Bieber’s deposition!

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