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Many businesses look to non-compete agreements to protect their business interests when employees or contractors could potentially share trade secrets or proprietary information. At the most basic level, a non-compete agreement is a contract in which the employee/contractor agrees to avoid actions that could damage the employer’s business. But there’s more to it than that.

Non-compete agreement advice for business owners

It can be tempting to see a non-compete agreement in a broad light as something that can protect you from competition. It’s important to understand that this is not often the case. Courts, especially in North Carolina, traditionally favor the employee/contractor in non-compete cases — this position is believed to support trade and a person’s right to work. To have a legally enforceable non-compete agreement, you’ll need terms that are specific and not overly restrictive.

Investing in a legally sound non-compete agreement can save you a lot of time, money and headache in the future. The business law experts at Dozier Miller draft non-compete agreements that can stand the test of court review. We’ll counsel you on the necessity of a non-compete agreement, creating enforceable terms that will serve your needs and addressing breaches of the contract as they arise.

Non-compete agreement advice for employees and contractors

Being asked to sign a non-compete agreement can be intimidating and unnerving. Having an experienced and knowledgeable attorney walk you through the fine points of the contract can help you avoid legal entanglements down the road. There are no stupid questions when you’re faced with signing a non-compete contract, and the lawyers at Dozier Miller will be happy to answer any and all questions you have.

If you’re being accused of breaching a non-compete agreement, we can help you evaluate your options and determine the best course of action. Our experience with writing these agreements gives us the perspective to guide you through mediation and settlements or through court proceedings, if your case comes to that.


Businesses are constantly making transactions: buying and selling products, services and shares or partnerships in the company. It’s never-ending exchange. At Dozier Miller, we understand the intricate inner-workings of business transactions. As businesspeople ourselves, we appreciate the importance of protecting your rights and interests through every transaction.


We hear the word “corporation” all the time in business law, but what does it mean, legally, and how does the law handle it? A corporation is a legal entity that can act much like a person; it can enter into contracts, sue and be sued and carry out business transactions.


It takes careful evaluation and planning to structure mergers and acquisitions that offer the greatest benefit to your company. That’s where Dozier Miller’s mergers and acquisitions team can help.


Workplaces can be stressful environments, especially when there’s tension between employer and employee. Employment law exists to protect employees’ rights and employers’ interests when legal disputes arise in the workplace.


Just as the law protects our ownership rights to our homes and possessions, it protects ownership of intellectual property: designs, inventions, creative works. For businesses, protecting intellectual property means ensuring value.


There’s nothing like tedious paperwork to take the excitement out of launching a new business. Mounting questions and research about the proper legal steps can slow your momentum if you don’t have a clear understanding of the formation process.


Contracts exist to protect the rights and interests of individuals and businesses on both sides of a transaction. Contracts are legally binding, so if either side breaks the contract by failing to provide specified goods or services, or failing to meet certain conditions of the contract, the other party can file a legal complaint.


We know that early prevention of litigation is usually the most cost-effective way to for a business to operate, but if your business is facing a lawsuit or legal action, you can count on Dozier Miller to be tenacious in representing and guarding your interests.

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