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How do you resolve legal disputes with someone you need to stay connected to, like a family member, business partner or neighbor? A formal lawsuit may damage the relationship, so what do you do? Mediation or arbitration may be the answer.

Mediation is when both parties agree to work through the issue together in a non-confrontational way. Through mediation sessions, you’ll each present your side of the story and work together to find a solution. A professional mediator guides these talks so the discussion stays positive and focused on compromise.

In arbitration, you bring your dispute before a professional arbitrator who acts as judge and jury to resolve your case. Both parties present their argument and any evidence supporting their position. Once both sides are heard, the arbitrator delivers a settlement decision. Arbitration can be either binding, which means a court would uphold the decision, or non-binding.

Because mediation and arbitration happen outside the court, it’s crucial to have an experienced and fair mediator helping with your case. Several attorneys at Dozier Miller are certified mediator for family law and civil cases.  We also have attorneys willing to serve as arbitrators for family law or civil cases. We’ve got the training and wisdom to help you resolve your case quickly and peacefully, so you can begin moving on with your life.

Our mediation or arbitration attorneys

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“If it were not for you, I would not have the status of American citizen. Even though it is a long hard road ahead, I would not be able to make that journey without all of your help.”

“She was instrumental in a difficult and emotional divorce and child custody case. She always has a knack of striking the right balance of understanding and compassion while being tenacious and level-headed.”

“He was insightful, knowledgeable of the law, and of human behavior. I believe that is why the settlement I received was 40% more than I had expected.”

“An excellent immigration service job. Excellent communication, attentive and provides clear information and sets clear expectations.”

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