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Divorce is emotionally challenging for adults; for kids, it can be crushing. Not only are they witnessing the end of their parents’ marriage, but they’re also losing the family life they know. By maintaining a clear focus on what’s best for the kids, divorcing spouses can help smooth the custody process.

At Dozier Miller, we advocate swift and peaceful resolutions in child custody cases, so kids can regain some stability and a “new normal” post-divorce. North Carolina gives judges several options for assigning custody. We’ll walk you through the benefits and challenges of each scenario, advocate for the one that best serves you and your children, and advise you on making the most of what the court decides.

There are two parts to child custody: physical and legal custody. Physical custody refers to where the child will live. Legal custody sets who can be involved in making decisions that affect the child’s life, such as where they go to school or what medical care they receive. The court doesn’t favor either the father or mother in deciding custody, but it will consider factors like your home environment, whether or not you can provide for the child on a day-to-day basis, your relationship with the child and the child’s safety.

Having an experienced child custody attorney who’s well respected in the court system represent you in custody hearings can be invaluable. Whether you’re looking at sole custody with or without visitation or joint custody, our child custody lawyers will get to know you and your family, and we’ll help you achieve the best result for your kids.


No matter what causes it, the end of a marriage is an emotionally devastating event made more complex by North Carolina’s complicated filing processes. We recommend consulting one of our attorneys before you even discuss divorce.


We’ve got experience on both sides of child support cases, which gives us excellent perspective. We’ll ensure your rights are protected while we work toward the best solution for your child.


For many people, considering a divorce also means taking a hard look at your financial situation, and wondering how it may change if you end your marriage. Our divorce attorneys are well versed in all the financial aspects of ending a marriage, and their experience negotiating spousal support and alimony means you don’t need a separate alimony lawyer.


Marriages involve a lot of STUFF: vehicles, houses, bank accounts, household appliances and furniture, your movie collection, and much, much more. While most people assume divorce means splitting all of your possessions 50/50, that’s not always the case. An equitable distribution attorney can help steer you through the court’s distribution of your marital property, ensuring you receive a fair share.


In North Carolina, a divorce is a two-step process: at least 365 days of separation followed by the absolute divorce. We’ll advise you on the tough questions and help you draft agreements so nothing is left open to multiple interpretations.


At its core, marriage is a contract between two people. We encourage you and your fiancé to consider the benefits of outlining expectations ahead of your union.

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