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Entering the divorce process well informed and with a dependable divorce attorney at your back will help ensure it proceeds as smoothly as possible.

No matter what causes it, the end of a marriage is an emotionally devastating event. Spouses are often dealing with a perfect storm of anger, resentment, sadness and feelings of betrayal or hopelessness — it’s a terrible place to be while making legal decisions on your own.

Besides the emotions that can cloud your judgment during a divorce, North Carolina’s divorce laws are complex and involve complicated filing processes. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced divorce attorney on your side.

We recommend consulting one of our Dozier Miller divorce attorneys before you even discuss divorce with your spouse. Even if you end up deciding not to file, or if you decide to file without legal representation, it’s important to understand what you’re getting into when you enter divorce proceedings. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process before you start it and help you avoid actions that could harm your case down the road.

As critical decisions need to be made, it is best to consult with a lawyer before taking actions such as moving out of the marital home or confessing an affair to your spouse. Whether your case involves infidelity, alienation of affection, alimony, child custody or child support disputes, complex equitable distribution cases, or any other complicating factors, the divorce experts at Dozier Miller will take every step to protect your rights and interests.

While North Carolina law requires couples live separately for one year before filing for divorce, it’s never too early to get legal advice or assistance with a separation agreement. Entering the process well informed and with a dependable divorce attorney at your back will help ensure your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible. That means you can focus on healing and moving on with your life.


We’ve got experience on both sides of child support cases, which gives us excellent perspective. We’ll ensure your rights are protected while we work toward the best solution for your child.


Divorce is emotionally challenging for adults; for kids, it can be crushing. We advocate swift, peaceful resolutions so kids can regain stability post-divorce. We’ll walk you through the benefits and challenges of each custody scenario to find the one that best serves you and your children.


For many people, considering a divorce also means taking a hard look at your financial situation, and wondering how it may change if you end your marriage. Our divorce attorneys are well versed in all the financial aspects of ending a marriage, and their experience negotiating spousal support and alimony means you don’t need a separate alimony lawyer.


Marriages involve a lot of STUFF: vehicles, houses, bank accounts, household appliances and furniture, your movie collection, and much, much more. While most people assume divorce means splitting all of your possessions 50/50, that’s not always the case. An equitable distribution attorney can help steer you through the court’s distribution of your marital property, ensuring you receive a fair share.


In North Carolina, a divorce is a two-step process: at least 365 days of separation followed by the absolute divorce. We’ll advise you on the tough questions and help you draft agreements so nothing is left open to multiple interpretations.


At its core, marriage is a contract between two people. We encourage you and your fiancé to consider the benefits of outlining expectations ahead of your union.

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