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Churches and nonprofit organizations face a unique set of legal issues, ranging from the business side with formation, financial and tax issues to the social side with potential lawsuits for injury on campuses, accidents involving organization vehicles and more.

If you have questions about how to protect your church or nonprofit from legal issues or litigation, our church law attorneys are here to help. We’ll conduct a full audit of your organization’s policies and practices to uncover possible legal risks and advise you on how to reduce those risk factors.

At Dozier Miller, we value the good these organizations provide to our community and are dedicated to helping them stay on firm legal ground. We also understand that many churches and nonprofits have limited resources and always strive to provide cost-efficient—but sound—legal counsel and representation.

Some of the common legal risks churches may encounter include:

  • Child safety at Sunday school, in the church nursery or special events and camps
  • Volunteer issues, including wrongdoing by volunteers or volunteers being injured while working with the organization
  • Congregation safety on campus and at church-sponsored events
  • Copyright infringement on music or creative designs
  • Internal disputes including personnel, the church’s governing body and congregation members

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