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We are honored that Dozier Miller Law Group attorneys are routinely recognized both across the region and the nation by their peers and the media for being insightful legal experts. We are proud to serve as thought leaders in the legal field, and are always happy to contribute to discourse about the law and cases that affect our community, country and the world.

Noncompete agreements in NC

Dozier Miller’s Adam Hocutt talks to The Charlotte Observer and Raleigh’s The News & Observer about noncompete agreements in North Carolina: Who uses them, what the law says and if the FTC will ban them.

The Charlotte Observer Article about Dozier Miller Law Group
News & Observer Article about Dozier Miller Law Group

Representing an injured marine

Dozier Miller’s Adam Hocutt talks to WSOC-TV news anchor Allison Latos about about representing Marine Caleb Murry, who is seeking surgery after a boat injury.

WSOC TV Charlotte

Buyer claws back deposit from builder

Dozier Miller’s Adam Hocutt shares how his clients fought to get back a $46,000 deposit for an unbuilt house, claiming the builder tried to charge them for items that were already included in the contract.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Good Samaritan scam

Dozier Miller’s Adam Hocutt talked to WSOC-TV news anchor Allison Latos about the work he is doing to defend international college students scammed out of thousands of tuition dollars by The Neighborhood Good Samaritan Center.

WSOC TV Charlotte

Wedding morning pre-nup

A Mecklenburg County woman will be able to seek an equitable distribution of her marital assets after a jury set aside a pre-nuptial agreement she signed on the morning of her wedding, finding that the agreement was not entered into voluntarily, the woman’s attorneys report.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Employment covenants

Judge Gregory McGuire of the North Carolina Business Court recently put a set of restrictive employment covenants under the microscope in a lengthy opinion that should serve as a primer for attorneys drafting employment contracts.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Fraud suit success

A plaintiff’s allegation that a Charlotte car dealership sold her a lemon didn’t get very  far with the judge and jury, and her claims of fraud and misrepresentation, among others, netted her nothing but a big win for the auto dealership.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Products liability

Plane crash; vibration damper defect alleged; engine failure; real estate company founder, wife killed; eight children. $26.05 million settlement

NC Lawyers Weekly

Accounting malpractice

Claims that fraudulent audits allowed a Burlington company to hide huge losses in a reinsurance pool led to a $250 million settlement that topped Lawyers Weekly’s survey of the 25 largest verdicts and settlements in 2005.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Failure to diagnose

The plaintiff, Terrence Forrest, is a 46-year-old business consultant. His malpractice suit claimed the defendants failed to inform him that the biopsy of his mole suggested there was regression of a melanocytic lesion. Approximately a year and a half after the biopsy, the plaintiff was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Vague biopsy slides

A Charlotte businessman who claimed a dermatologist should have told him that his negative biopsy results didn’t rule out melanoma has recovered $1.5 million.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Wrongful death

Deceased entered intersection on green light. Tractor-trailer ran red light. $2.12 million settlement.

NC Lawyers Weekly

Patent law

The plaintiff, an expert in home remodeling and construction in North and South Carolina, sought to recover damages and enforce his rights under an exclusive licensing agreement with the patent holder of a product he invented called Gutter Guard and/or Gutter Protector, an invention that keeps leaves out of roof gutters.

NC Lawyers Weekly

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